Why go natural while choosing dog treats?

Here are some reasons why you should prefer natural dog snacks for your pooch - 

1. Free from hormones

A lot of dog treats contain artificial and low-quality ingredients made from animals that have been previously pumped with antibiotics and hormones. Hormones are given to pets from an early age for muscle development and growth, while antibiotics work as protection from illnesses. 

If you keep feeding your pets such treats, it may lead to immunity build-up against antibiotics and ingesting hormones can lead to hyperactivity - often the reason for various health conditions. All-natural dog treats, on the other hand, do not contain any hormones or antibiotics - making it a higher-quality choice for pet parents who wish the best for their furry ones.

2. No allergic triggers

If your pet has ever suffered from a food allergy, you will be knowing how difficult the treatment can be. Moreover, food allergies in dogs can manifest in severe skin problems. Natural treats are a much safer option as it reduces the chances of triggering any food allergy, as high-quality natural treats do not contain ingredients like soy, wheat or corn that are common triggers of canine allergy.

Natural treats will also be gentle on your pooch’s stomach, thus reducing inflammation and lessening the chances of a reaction.

3. Non-fattening

Dogs love chewing, even if they are of a healthy weight or a little heavier. Keeping your dog in shape by cutting out on treats can be a little difficult for your furry ones. In such cases, opting for all natural dog treats is always a good idea as it contains fewer calories compared to other conventional pet treats.

Natural dental chews for dogs contain more nutrition and less fattening ingredients. As it does not contain additives and filler content, fewer treats can make your pooch satisfied. At the same time, your pet’s weight is also under control without having to stop them from munching on their favourite snacks. In other words, it’s like the same way as you would opt to snack on your favourite fruit instead of finishing a bag of potato chips.

4. Wholesome nutrition 

When you’re selecting dog treats for your little one, you will want to go ahead with a human mindset - meaning that you would want the same things that you would prefer in your own food. Like you, even pets are able to obtain the best nutrition from minimally processed, quality ingredients. 

Natural dental chews for dogs use minimum and quality ingredients that are not chemically processed or added with unnecessary fillers like gluten. Treats that are gluten-free contain adequate amounts of proteins and fibre to provide wholesome nutrition. Taking a look at the details on the packaging will give you an idea of what’s in your pet treats.

5. Better dental health

Natural treats do not contain artificial sweeteners or other harmful chemicals that can be detrimental to your pet’s oral health. Instead, it can help maintain healthy teeth and gums.

6. Mental well-being

Highly processed treats cause irritation and create an imbalance in the gut flora, which is integral for positive mood and good mental health. Moreover, just like humans, your dog’s stomach, heart and brain are sensitive to what they eat or drink. Any kind of imbalance can contribute to inflammation and stress, thus affecting them mentally.  

High quality and natural treats contribute to better digestion, lower risk of diseases, strong immunity, increased energy and activity - leading to overall good physical and mental health. Chewing is known to act as a mental stimulator for dogs, so it’s better they chew on good things!

7. Improved Quality of Life & Longevity

The food that your pooch eats directly impacts how they look, act, behave and feel. Having unadulterated, natural dog treats will lead to a healthy and shiny coat, ample energy to run and play, balanced weight to remain active and strong immunity to increase life expectancy. 

Maintaining a natural diet from a young age will also ensure that your doggo remains fit and active even in old age.


What is the shelf life of our treats?

24 Months

What age are they suitable from?

Soopa Treats - 3 Months +
Treats - 4 Months + (With the exception of Large Antlers - 6 Months +)
YAKERS are suitable for all dogs over 4 months +
Whimzees - 9 Months +
**Always supervise you dog while eating our tasty treats**